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The Thames Estuary Research and Development Company

The Thames Estuary Research and Development Company (TESTRAD) has been established to make sure that the UK is in the best possible position to make good use of the infrastructure possibilities offered by the Estuary. These include the need for flood defence, for use of wind and tidal power, for more extensive crossings of the Estuary by road and rail, for shipping and potentially for airport facilities. Consideration of these investments must be made in a complete fashion and the trade-offs between competing uses analysed as well as the potential synergies.

TESTRAD exists to bring together those concerned to fund this research and those concerned that it should be done to high standards of independence. It aims to create the framework in which decisions can be made about the most appropriate investments and funding decisions reached.

The company was originally formed by Doug Oakervee and Bridget Rosewell. Doug was until recently chairman of Crossrail Ltd and saw this project through to the start of its implementation phase, while Bridget Rosewell was Chief Economic Adviser to the GLA from 2003-12 and was responsible for developing the analysis which made Crossrail an acceptable investment from a government perspective. The impetus to form the company has arisen from the report which Doug Oakervee undertook to prepare for the Mayor of London on the feasibility of an Estuary Airport and which revealed the need for much wider investigation. Download the report.

In 2013 TESTRAD joined forces with Gensler, the leading global architecture and design firm, to propose London Britannia Airport, a new global hub airport for London sited in the Thames Estuary. This new coalition – offers London a world-class team of economists, aviation and transport specialists, engineers, urban planners and architects who will be presenting a deliverable, long-term solution for London’s aviation strategy.

Our other partners with the consortium are  Royal HaskonigDHV, Ramboll, Landrum and Brown, HR Wallingford, Nicholas Finney – UK Port Advisors, Lawrence Graham.

Latest News: Read Bridget Rosewell’s open letter to Sir Howard Davies following the findings of the Airport Commission